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Puppy ready for shots
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    Default Puppy ready for shots

    Hi my name is Carolyn. I have three puppys that r ready for shots. I'm on a fixed income, and it's expensive. My girlfriend goes to the feed store in town and said she gets everything she needs from them. Is this safe? does anyone no anything about this? Thanks.

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    I think you should go to the veterinary.

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    Personally, I think you should see a veterinarian. They not only know what injections to give, but can check for congenital problems as well as other conditions your pup may have.

    Shots are given in groups of three in young pups. The reason is because puppies are born with some of their mother's antibodies against disease. The time at which these antibodies wear off is different from dog to dog. Since the vaccines are modified live, meaning that they are living viruses that have been changed in a lab so that they won't multiply, giving the injections at the wrong time will interfere with the protection your puppy will get from them.

    Since the maternal antibodies do wear off at different times, giving the series of three injections ensures that your puppy will get them at the right time and they will be able to protect your puppy should he come in contact with the virus. If your puppy goes outside, sees other dogs in a play park or puppy class, it is vital that they have their vaccines. Buying over the counter vaccines may be cheaper, but you are paying for the exam, education and vaccines of your puppy by getting the vaccines from a veterinarian.

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    I would definitely go to the vet to be honest, maybe explain to them that you are not on a high budget and see if they will do anything instead of you trying to do it yourself. I understand that you can get the stuff yourself but unless you know exactly what you are doing it could be pretty fatal for the puppies.

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