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Rimadyl substitute
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    Default Rimadyl substitute

    Because Rimadyl is so expensive, while in Mexico I asked at the pharmacy if they carried it, but they said that they did not. They gave me a medication called Rumoquin N.F that they said would be compreble. Now, I'm wondering if it would be safe to use for my dog. The ingrediants are Fenibutazonan Metocarbamol & Dexametasona & Excipiente cbp. The maker is Marcel Labs.

    It's for joint support and arthritis in humans. Now I'm afraid to try it.

    Any suggestions?

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    Default yeah

    don't use it without ur vet knowing. The dex in it can cause immune problems depending on ur dogs situation.
    Just tell them, if ur vet doesn't want to help.... FIND ANOTHER ONE!!!
    the vets I work for are understanding of the EXTREMELY HIGH COSTS OF MEDICATIONS OUR PETS NEED!!!

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