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Siamese fighting fish
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    Default Siamese fighting fish

    I am trying to breed Siamese fighting fish (Betta). Anything advice you got there for me guys?


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    Bettas are not hard to breed, the trick is raising the babies. As you probably know the male will wrap himself around the female and squeeze the eggs from her, the male will retrieve the eggs and take them to the top in a bubble nest he has made the male is the sole provider till the babies hatch. Try to remove the female without disturbing the bubble nest{hard to do} if the eggs fall the male will pick them up and put them back in the nest when they start to hatch watch the male if he starts to eat them of course you need to remove him. Be sure to keep the water temp. around 90 degrees if possible, room temp. as long as not to cold. good luck......

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    What you wanted is too delicate, I haven't heard such a successful breed.

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