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Stroke and phenypropanolamine
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    Lightbulb Stroke and phenypropanolamine

    Has anyone had experience with PRO-IN phenypropanolamine causing an arythmia in a dog. Does PRO-IN phenypropanolamine interact with Tramadol, Rimadyl and Soloxine? I would like to rule this out as a cause for my dog having a stroke.

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    Default Proin

    I have a 9 year old male German Sheperd that has been on Proin for 4 years. He has a urinary problem and the proin has helped tremendously. As the years have passed he is currently taking the maximum dosage. The results are not as well as we experienced in the past but still the best option and only option we have. He has his annual exam to make sure he can continue taking the Proin. I believe your animal should not have any heart problems to be able to take the medication. I believe it can increase an animals heartbeat. The doctor prescribed Meloxicam instead of Rimadyl for joint pain. Perhaps that is why he was no longer prescribed the Rimadyl because of the possible arythmia. Please check with your doctor about this and consult with him/her about any other options. I see our vet several times a month with the 20 dogs and cats we care for. I will be asking him about this. I have always been a big fan of Rimadyl. It works wonders for pain. Perhaps this is why he switched to the Meloxicam when he started our dog on the Proin. Meloxicam is great for inflammation and pain associated with arthrits.. Your inquiry has peeked my interest and need to know. I will get back and post the response given to me by my vet.

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