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Why does my dog chew the back of her ankles until the hair falls off?
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    Default Why does my dog chew the back of her ankles until the hair falls off?

    My dog is a 10 month old, possible pit bull mix. She is has an average disposition. She has a good diet. Weekly, I brush her. Every two-three months I give her a bath. Monthly, I apply an flea/tick/larva preventive gel between her shoulder blades, on skin-level. Suddenly she has been chewing the hair off her back leg ankles. More and more skin is showing each day. I am really worried about her. Why is she doing this?

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    I had a dog with similar issues. After years of not knowing, our groomer told us he has allergies. Ask you vet about giving you dog benadryl to help. It helped for Kacy. She also told us he could be lonely. We got a cat. Sounds weird but being away at work and him being home alone he was bored and lonely. And this helped. I hope you figure out whats going on! And ask your vet before giving him any allergy meds,
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