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2 scripts for percocet different strengths
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    Question 2 scripts for percocet different strengths

    I hope someone can answer this for me. My doctor went away and before she did left an e-mail (I was cc'd on it) for the nurses to write out my rx for percocet 7.5/500mg and have her sign it before she left, and that she would send it. I called to check if it could be sent because I was told before they couldn't be sent, and the nurses told me they hadn't gotten around to the rx yet and my doctor had left for apparently a very long trip/vacation, so they would have to try to see if another doctor would sign it. Thankfully someone did, but when I picked it up it was for a much smaller strength, and written to take only one a day. I was of course upset because I knew I would be in a lot of pain until my doc returned but filled it and figured I would need to wait until she was back for the usual script. But then someone seemed to figure out they had written if for the wrong strength and actually sent me a new one. But I had already filled the first one for a lesser strength.
    My question is, since they are different strengths, how long do I need to wait until I can bring it in to my pharmacy? I know I likely need to wait - I called but was told it would expire if I didn't bring it in this week, but another pharmacist told me I can not bring it in yet despite the fact that they are different strengths because they are both percocet. She told me to wait 2 weeks, and told me that would be long enough and the rx would not expire. Now I am worried, how soon does a script for an rx like this expire, or can I wait? Thank you so much! Barbara

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    bobbi1950 ........ Prescriptions for percs DON'T expire in a couple weeks. You don't have anything to worry about.

    I would go in person to the pharmacy and show the pharmacist what happened, show the pharmacist the new script, and the pharmacy should contact the insurance company for you to find out when they will pay for you to pick up the new script. They should base your consumption for the first script according to the dosing instructions of the second script as the first one was obviously a mistake and the new script was written right after the first one to correct the mistake.

    Shoot straight with the pharmacist and he will most likely help you with the insurance company. They just have to be sure things are done properly according to the law. The insurance company may even call your dr to verify what you say as so many people are scamming drs and pharmacies for oxycodone when given the chance.

    Oxycodone is a schedule II narcotic so there are much more strict laws pertaining to those scripts than lots of other meds. The DEA monitors schedule II drugs much more closely than other drugs, it's not the pharmacy or insurance company targeting you specifically at all. As long as you're doing nothing wrong you have nothing to worry about. Hope that helps. God bless.
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    Post 2 Prescripts, and Expiration...

    I have to agree with the post that said the prescription will NOT "expire" in a few days. The typical amount of time is a year, sometimes less (depending on the type of medicine & whether or not it is pain management). If you have insurance, that would be the main factor to consider, however, you can opt to pay for it out of pocket, if you've run out and/or the lower dosage isn't working for you. Some Doctors will write another prescription of the same [brand] of medication, with varying strengths--especially if the lower dosage isn't helping the patient. If all else fails, take your prescription to the pharmacy and ask them to put it on "hold", if you still have some of your others left. Hope this helps... Good luck!!

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