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anti-depressant w/effect of weight loss not gain?
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    Default anti-depressant w/effect of weight loss not gain?

    It sure seems like all anti-depressants make people gain weight. Are there options out there that actually have a weight loss side effect? I resist going back on an anti-depressant because no way do I want to gain more weight. It's a downward spiral so to speak. Thanks.

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    Default anti d weight loss

    supposedly wellbutrin does not cause weight gain. if anything it will cause weight loss. in fact it has a caution on it for anorexic persons. i have taken it for several years off and on and compared to others it does not seem to effect my weight at all.

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    I was on Wellbutrin for a few months and went from (Im 5'6) 122 lbs to 113 lbs within a few weeks just from the pill. It did give me bad insomnia, but am looking into antidepressants again and may go with Wellbutrin again plus try to get an ani- anxiety for nightime. Good luck!

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