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    Default Antihistamines

    It seems I'm allergic to everything under the sun according to the allergy test I've had done. I break out in hives EVERYDAY and unfortunately I'm back up to taking 6 to 10 benadryl a day just to keep them away on top of the Singular I take daily. I'm worried that long term use of the benadryl could cause me health problems in the long run.

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    Default Way out

    Well, pal, what was you're question? Ofcourse every drugs cause destruction of some part of your organs, in all this system the filter is your liver. so you've got a ways out, for example: change you're place of dwelling (some where near the mountains) where air is not pollution, may be it helps you, or continue use medicines, as for me iam on drugs for about 2-3 years, stoped smoking, drinking, now go in for sports but still suffer from allergy. So it's like AIDS but no so lethal.

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