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calcium carbonate toxicity
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    Default calcium carbonate toxicity

    I am 39 weeks pregnant and have been consuming a lot of antacids with this ingredient over the entire pregnancy because of severe reflux and indigestion. The dose of calcium carbonate would be approximately 12,800mg per day. In addition to which I take Ranitidine, Mylanta and Gaviscon. Nothing really works I only get relief for a very short period of time. Any suggestions?? I have tried all the usual restrictions on certain foods like caffeine etc. I have told my Dr about the reflux and indigestion however I feel like I am not being taken seriously. I feel quite ill and after doing some research/searching on the net about Calcium Carbonate and other ingredients in the antacid meds I take I have realised that there can be poisoning but I do not know what is a toxic dose.

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    Hi rubenesque
    Sounds like you need to have that baby soon

    Need to know a bit more here...
    You say you have been taking 12,800 mg calcium carbonate per day. In what form? The Gaviscon (liquid form) available in Australia also contains calcium carbonate...?

    Acid reflux at this stage of pregnancy is all physical, and the good news is you should not have any of these symptoms at all in about a week or so . Gaviscon is by far the best medicine for this condition as long as it is taken correctly. You need to eat, stop eating, then top it off with a dose of Gaviscon - after each meal (this is really important) and at bedtime. Gaviscon contains an ingredient called sodium alginate which actually gels to form a "raft" on top of the stomach contents - therefore stopping any acid shooting back up the oesophagus.

    I know you are watching the things you eat - also watch the quantities. Go for more earlier in the day and less in the evening. The other thing to try is propping yourself up on pillows to sleep - as high as you can manage - gravity is a good thing when it comes to reflux.

    Hang in there. I feel for you (my Gaviscon pregnancy advice is from experience) and best wishes for the birth.

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