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Difference between Effexor and Strattera?
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    Default Difference between Effexor and Strattera?

    I am not a pharmacist but rather a parent that is forced to know about medications because I have a 7 and a half yr old daughter with psychiatric problems and learing disabilities.

    We have tried several different antidepressant first SSRI's Prozac and Celexa. Prozac sent her into psychosis and Celexa made her extremely aggressive and very agitated. We then tried Effexor which is an SNRI and that turned her into a mad dog.

    At the time she was on Effexor she had a diagnosis if childhood bipolar. Now she is not diagnosed bipolar but ADHD, nonverbal learning disorder and sensory integration dysfunction.

    If anyone would be kind enough to explain to me the differences between Effexor and Strattera I would really appreciate it. I feel she is not ADHD but left with permanent movement focus problems because she was on Respirdal for 17 months. She is now on Seroquel and since we increased the dosage on that she is less able to stay still and less able to focus. Before any meds she was only 3 but had an amazing attention span and was not hyper in the least. Since antipsychotics that is when the movement problems started and the focusing problems started. I am aware that antipsychotics can cause movement disorders. Her current psychiatrist does not feel that what my daughter has is a movement disorder but I mostly go with my gut feeling and ADHD just does not appear out of no where like it did when she went of Respirdal now does it?

    Thanks to anyone who has information for me about these 2 medications.

    Tammy aka canadianmom1997[?]


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    I hope that you will check back to read this. Please have your daughter see a Lyme Literate physician and have her tested for lyme disease and bartonella, a co-infection of a tic.

    Many times children are bitten and do not realize it. If lyme disease goes unmdiagnosed, it can resemble psychotic disorders as I have a feeling has happened with your daughter.

    IGENEX LABS are the best to send the blood sample to , do not use Lab Corp or Quest as they do not know how to properly test for lyme and often the test are not conclusive.

    Please go to lyme net (in your search engine of Google) to find out more information. I would highly suspect that your daughter has untreated lyme disease and bartonella.

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