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effexor and pregnancy
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    Default effexor and pregnancy

    My daughter is pregnant and I would like to if is still safe for her and the baby to keep taking effexor XR?
    Thank You Danna[8D]

    Danna Burns

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    Hi Danna
    There isn't much info on the safety of this drug during pregnancy, I'm afraid. What little info there is suggests it's not a problem, but Prozac is one of the drugs of choice in pregnancy & it would be better to take something with a lot more evidence showing safety. But if your daughter has tried many drugs to find that this is the only one that works - then you're better off sticking with it.

    I hope this helps.

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    Even though the medication works for your daughter and she has no ill effects, there is a percentage of people that experience extreme rises in their blood pressure and or heart problems, and there is a chance the infant might have these problems.

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