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    Hello, i was wondering if you want to get into a Pharmacy program in University in Ontario, at high school we have something called "co-op" where our school counsellor puts students into places, for example, i want to get into a Pharmacy program in University and my counsellor puts me in a co-op thing at Shoppers Drug Mart to help out the pharmacist and stuff... would it increase my chances of getting into the University Pharmacy program?

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    Speaking from experience I would say to definetely go for this program. I took co-op in my final year of h.s. and am currently employed at a Shoppers Drug Mart. Pharmacy schools DO look at experience working in a pharmacy. In Ontario, there is only one pharmacy school: The Leslie Dan School of Pharmacy at the University of Toronto. Competition is extremely high so any experience would give you more points than the next guy. Also, the profile test you must take when you apply might be easier to complete with any knowledge you have gained from your work experience.
    Hope this helps and good luck with everything.

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