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Extended Release many manufacturers?
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    Default Extended Release many manufacturers?

    Me and my brother were discussing manufacturers of extended release oxycodone and have a little disagreement.

    I say there is only one company currently making oxy ER...and that is Purdue Pharma. And, the only other company that made it was Mallinkrodt but they have stopped as part of a settlement reached in legal proceedings. So...all the extended release oxycodone that is available is the brand Oxycontin and what is left in warehouses of the ones Mallinkrodt made.

    My brother says the same as above, but also that there is another company called Sun Pharma now making it.

    Where I disagree is that I dont believe it is ER but IR.I saw where they recently got approval to make 5, 15 & 30mg generic Roxicodone, but isn't that immediate release?

    Can someone verify what really the case is for availability in the USA? Also, how many other types of oxycodone HCL there is?
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    also the red book may help.

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