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false positive drug test amoxicillin
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    Default false positive drug test amoxicillin

    Is it true that you may test positive for cocaine if you are taking amoxicillin? I tested positive for cocaine and i am not using it. I was taking amoxicillin at the time. I need some information, i could really have used this job.

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    They are quite different chemically and any lab should be able to easily tell the difference between the two.

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    I have been googling for a few hours searching for answers to the same question. I am in a similiar situation. I have been recently taking ampicillin for a throat infection, however I obtained the medication in bulk without a script overseas a while back (I don't see a point in a paying coinsurance for an office visit and then again for the Rx to resolve a minor illness every now and then)

    From what I have read, the penicillin family of drugs share a metabolite with cocaine, benzoylecgonine, therefore causing both to render flags for drug use.

    I do find it preposterous that with all of today's technology these tests cause false positives. A 2008 study revealed 3/33 false positives using GC-MS.

    Aside from the study, which I was only able to read the abstract ( I am not spending $40 for a journal article), the rest of the stuff out there seems inconclusive since they are often linked to "detox" product websites.

    I guess my only worry is when I go for the test tomorrow, they will ask me to show a filled rx script for ampicillin, which is what I took.

    Can anyone advise?

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