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    I was recently told by a pharmacist, sort of a burst out reply when I questioned him "no generic is as good as the name brand". I was referring to Wellbutrin and the generic. Having tried the generic for 3 months, I felt like I was on a sugar pill. Finally, I got my doctor to prescribe "dispense as written" and I have my Wellbutrin back. This question though, does not involve Wellbutrin.

    A few years ago my husband was on Verelan PM. His blood pressure was controlled. Then, his blood pressure started going up and we were really unable to control it with his diet, exercise, etc. No added salt. I happened to look at his medicine and he was on the verapamil generic. We told the doctor, he put "dispense as written" and he is now back on the Verelan PM. This has happened once before with the generic and the Verelan PM. Same reaction. Okay, if the generic is as good as the name brand, why this reaction? Thank you for any information.

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    I answered this on one of the other boards on this site that you posted it, .
    ---I answer questions to the best of my ability, but with always limited knowledge of the patient's situation and no ability to see your chart or full medical history my advice is limited and should also be confirmed with your own doctor/pharmacist/etc. Also, I do not promote following my advice without proper approval from your doctor either--

    Dr. B

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    Always the same an known subjects!!!=))

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