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Good effect to heart rate from pain medication
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    Default Good effect to heart rate from pain medication

    I’m getting a twice verified serendipitous benefit from a drug prescribed for pain following oral surgery. The drug is Darvocet-N (actually the generic, Propoxy-N/APAP 100). It is sharply reducing my heart rate – which often is too high, esp. following a heart attack a year ago. It also is reducing my BP considerably in a quiet and for relatively durable way…up to 28 hours. (I take many other drugs that do not relieve pain, including morphine and celebrex and muscle relaxants).
    Does anyone know why this might be happening, and whether or how I might justify a request for it from my doctors.

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    all narcotics lower blood pressure.Have you noticed after surgery the nurse is checking your bp alot.That's because of the narcotics they give you to help with the post-op pain.Be careful if your taking morphine and propoxyphene (darvocet) together as you can overdose,you may not even feel it but when you fall asleep you can stop breathing.This is common with narcotic overdoses......Dave

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