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Have bad reaction to the Niacin in Oxycodone ER, is there an alternative w/o????
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    Default Have bad reaction to the Niacin in Oxycodone ER, is there an alternative w/o????


    I am a chronic pain patient who is currently on 50mcg fentanyl patches every 72 hrs, and 10mg oxycodone, every 4 hrs for breakthrough pain. I have had trouble with the patches every since I started on them, didn't even want to, but I am allergic to morphine, and have a bad reaction to the Niacin in the oxycontin due to the way I metabolize the meds, I had previously been prescribed so the doctor talked me into going to the patch. I am currently also trying to taper of my meds to evaluate my pain levels. It's my understanding it is pretty common practice and in a sense "easier" to taper down by switching to a pill from the patch. My patch only works for roughly a day and a half, before I start to feel an increase in pain, and then subsequent withdrawal symptoms, and my new doctor doesn't want to prescribe at 48hrs as my previous doctor had. Sooo anyways, I think it makes more sense to go to the oxycodone ER, if there is an alternative available without the Niacin, and hopefully not have to go to a compounding pharmacy, and I prefer not to have to go through the mail, as I live in a rural area. At least then, if the oxycodone ER didn't last the full 8 or 12 hrs, for example, then I still have the breakthrough meds, and I don't have to go a full day and half in pain and withdrawals before I dose again, or the only alternative is dose myself earlier, which I have done out of desperation from the pain, and then risk running out early. i hope I have made sense, I am hoping someone who knows about the different oxycodone formulations or a feasible alternative. Thanks, in advance!


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    Hi Fent,
    How much Niacin is in the Oxycodone ER? I've never heard of those 2 being mixed.

    You probably won't like this suggestion, but... A while back, my doctor recommended I take Niacin daily for a week or so, and I bought the 100mg vitamins at Safeway and took half (50mg) per day. He told me the reaction is rather unpleasant for most people, and he was right. It was VERY much like an extreme allergic reaction, within seconds of swallowing the pill, my chest would start to tingle. The tingles would grow into almost painful, itchy spikes everywhere in my upper torso (i.e. upper chest, neck, face) and the affected areas turned bright red. After a minute or two, the itchy spikes dissipated, and after about a half hour the redness would go away, and I'd be back to normal. If I took any Niacin after this, I would have no unpleasant effects.

    After a few days of this, either I got used to it, or my body adjusted, because it didn't bother me at all the last few days I was taking it. So, if you can't get OC without the Niacin, you might try taking it to build up a tolerance to lessen the unpleasant effects. Ask your doctor, though, not sure if too much Niacin is bad for you.

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