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help my boyfriend is on perks i dont know what to
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    Default help my boyfriend is on perks i dont know what to

    hello if there is someone out there who could help me that would be great. my bf has been on perks for a long time and i dont know what to do i have tried everything and i think that he is slowly killing himself beacuse he should not be on them i know when he is on them because he is clammy and he is irritable someone please help me i dont want to lose him to this drug i dont even know how many he takes i think that it may be 7 or more PLEASE HELP!!!

    thank you all very much for reading



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    Dear Help,

    Percocet is hard to be weened off. It has a narcotic drug called Oxycodone in it that makes your body dependent to it. In my experiance I take Percocet for a rare muscle condition. Really the only reason that he should be acting that way is if he is taking too much, or he is very addicted. It is very hard to get off though, and I would have to say that he will WANT to get off. Or the other way is a drug rehab center which makes him get off and he will soon realize after a week or so of not taking them that he will be alright without them. Like I said its a chemical addiction and your brain makes you think that you NEED them to survive. Thats why doctors dont give it out that much. People abuse them EVERYDAY. Honestly I dont like taking them because it makes your sex drive lower and does make you slightly irritable. Please let me know if this helps.

    Thank you, Justin

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    Hi Melly --

    You can go to the Need to Talk forum in the general discussion forums. Go to the forum that says, hydrocodone when are you addicted, and read through those posts. Addiction is addiction and they are basically all handled the same. That forum should give you some information you are looking for. Try posting your original message on that forum as well.


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