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herpes labialis a viral infection of lips-help plz
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    Default herpes labialis a viral infection of lips-help plz

    I got this from anothe person.
    it is called herpes labialis a viral infection of lips
    that is due to HSV this condition is also called cold occurs mostly in winter
    i tried a lot through differet physicians but nothing helped.
    i really need assistance
    please somebody help me

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    If you are extremely sensitive to the virus you may need to be on antivirals daily, but most tend to take them when they have breakouts only. Some examples of antivirals are Valtrex, or Zovirax. Avoid getting chapped lips if you can, and avoid sunburn on the face and lips, these can bring on a breakout. Eat a healthy diet, plenty of water, a regular sleep schedule and you may be able to fight off more breakouts.

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