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how to go about getting anxiety meds?
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    Default how to go about getting anxiety meds?

    Ok here is my situation I have had a problem with opiates since I was 14 I am 20 now and I am on my 5th day of withdrawals and it hasnt been fun but the worst part for me is the anxiety and sleep. I have heard that something like valium or klonpin(sp) can really help in these situations I use to have bad panic attacks even before the drugs I was wondering if I went to a doctor would they give me something like that even after I told them my situation I really could use some help with the anxiety and depression issues and I dont konw how to go about asking him for those

    If I am in the wrong forum I apologize

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    Hello, If you fond of upon opiates, once you will suffering from anxiety and depression. If you take drug to wean down another addiction.This problem will be decrease day by day. I thing so you are student. You have to create good environment and need more work, more study, and food. Good luck.

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    Dude I also have really bad anxiety.Fist of all you need to find a pychatrist hopefully you have ins. call
    the # in the back ask for a list of drs when you call tell them you have really bad aniety attacks.and you want to make an appointment. when you go dont tell him about anything related to opiates.hes gonna try and push antidepresents on you like pozac tell him you tried them ( look up antidep and write down 6 or 7 and say you tried them and they didnt work-tell him your last pyck gave them to you
    and didnt work just say you changed insurance and they dont take yours-then say some peoplr recommended (klonopin) thats what im on it works 10x better than xanax (TRUST ME IT WILL WORK LIKE A CHARM) Also if he askes who your reg Md is say you have to find a new one due to your new insurancif he asks what yur attks feel like tell him or her. You have tight chest pains,swaeting,if your driving you have to pull dont feel like leavving the house,your brain is running a mile a minute.TRUST ME ON THIS ONE LET ME KNOW HOW YOU MAKE OUT MY NAME IS CHRIS IF YOU LIKE ANYWHERE CLOSE TO CT CALL ME 203-640-0599 MY NAME IS CHRIS

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