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how long does it take for xanax to leave your body
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    Default how long does it take for xanax to leave your body

    i was wondering a friend of mine was taking xanax but it was prescribed to her she now hasnt taken them for a week how long though does it take for it to leave your body and is there a difference of it leaving your body sooner if one was just taken then if you had to take them everyday?

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    If you've been using them for more than a couple weeks then on a urine test benzodiazipines will show for up to 6 weeks.....Dave

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    Following oral administration of XANAX (immediate-release) Tablets, alprazolam is readily absorbed.

    Peak concentrations in the plasma occur in one to two hours following administration. Plasma levels are proportional to the dose given; over the dose range of 0.5 to 3.0 mg,peak levels of 8.0 to 37 ng/mL were observed. The mean plasma elimination half-life of alprazolam has been found to be about 11.2 hours (range:6.3–26.9 hours) in healthy adults

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    I have a very low tolerance for drugs. I was prescribed Xanax .25 mg yesterday. I only took half of it. It had a line across the pill so I cut it there.
    I felt horrible! Shakes, cold, vomiting, figity, low concentration ability and insomnia. It did though take away the anxiety feeling of not being able to breath normally and throat tightening.
    I took it at 9pm last night and still feel a bit off. How long can one measly pill last in your body???
    I never want to touch that stuff again!!!

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    You shouldn't feel it after 12 hours, unless you took a XR, they last for 12, so after 24 hours you'll be normal again.

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