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I hopeI can get some direction
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    Question I hopeI can get some direction

    I was born with vitemin d defficinacny rickets..
    The shriners hospital used braces and I have surgeries tryign to straighten out my bones !!
    As i get older I Feel more aching and muskoskelotal pains, aching in the bones , my joints are really starting to hurt more and more , not to mention my teeth .
    I take rocoltral,nutraphos .. all kinds aof suppliments
    My mngmt doctor has me on 160mg day methadone, but at my appointment last week I explained I am still experiencing breakthrough pain ,at times I cant lay on my bones due to the bowed bones it hurts at the furthest most point out I wake up in the middle of the night I have trouble walking , it feels like my ankels are going to snap, I can feel my hips and knees realy not functioning right because of the angle my bones!!!
    Anyways he percribed me norco 10/325 qid , they do nothing to eleviate the pain!
    I am wondering if I should call him and tell him , or wait until my next visit.
    Does anyone have any suggestions ????? Please I could use all the help I coul get

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    Sorry to hear about your pain. I have 1 customer that comes in my store that has your condition. He is 32 years old, and is just now having relief with his new pain management regimen, which consists of, Oxycontin 40mg bid, with Lorcet 10 every 6 hours or for break through pain. Oxycontin is time released and that allows a little bit of the drug to be released throughout the day. Methadone however doesnt have that mechanism, and therefore can get out of your system thus causing "break through pain". Ask your doctor about oxycontin if you havent already tried it. I would not recommend you taking the oxy and the methadone. What works for my customer, may not work for you, but I thought you may like to know what helped someone with your condition. Goodluck!

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