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i've been of fentanyl for a while and was recently put on xanax's
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    Default i've been of fentanyl for a while and was recently put on xanax's

    I haven't been feeling any effect from the xanax's at all, could that be becasue of the fentanyl patches? Is the patches maybe cancelling out the xanax's? Thank you for your help!!

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    What effects are you supposed to be feeling????Fentanyl won't decrease or cancel out your xanax. Infact it usually intensifies the effect of both.Be very careful as both these drugs can slow your respitory system down.You've probably heard of all the methadone deaths recently. These deaths are usually caused from a benzodiazepine being taken or abused with the methadone. Most methadone clinics won't even dispense methadone to a patient that is taking a benzo because the risk is just to great. At least that's what the clinics do were I live..Anyway back to you, just becareful and tell your doctor that since taking the duragesic that you feel the xanax isn't working as well.....Good luck....Dave

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