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Just what is your "OPINION" PLEASE
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    Default Just what is your "OPINION" PLEASE

    Here is a post I added earlier in featured conditions & I figued why not add it to this part & see what you guys thing - any info or link between the 2 levels my body @ 41-2 has been experiencing for a long time.. I became diagnosed with several documented surgically worked on & have several post op problems that I wont get info but @ the age 30 I was a Police officer in great shape & suffered incredible pain in my low back & fell out in court. Since then I've had multiple levels in my spinal cord fused & more epidural injections than you'd ever imagine & have been fighting ever since day 1 sooo long ago & won't stop. I have dug up all my medical records & have been going over them as a case not trying to miss any details.
    Years ago my first surgeon has in writing DO NOT GO BACK IN THRU EPIDUARAL spot in my spine because its scared in soo badly he could not even go where he needed to so at no time should this procudure be re-done for any reason. I have counted 17 times SINCE that note was placed in my file. Make me feel great meaning they do not even read over my medical records & just keep going in. Now I am a real mess & in extreme pain all the time.
    I just had a er visit for horrible stomach pain & they found an old injury that was a double incarsinated hernia & I had no clue this had happened & have been living with it for god knows only.
    Here is just 1 part of my records & blood levels showing up problems BUT no body will give me straight answers so please give me some ideas what could cause this.. Thank you

    I have been taking 50000unt Vitamin D for a long time now & my system has not bounced back & is jsut not responding & is not producing this vitamin on its on. I've read up about the importance of this & just how important it is. Now this makes NO SENSE at all to me because since as young as I can remember I have always loved the sun & have gotten plenty of it. On top of that I have been drinking a MINIMUM of 1 gallon of 2% Milk EVERYDAY - recently went to skim milk because my loving wife wanted me to so I have made the change. So thats 2 extreme doses of D I've been pounding my system with forever.
    What in the world would cause my body to stop producing this vitamin?? I just read it is a major player in depression & I am manic & bi-polar & soooo many other depression labels so what in the world could any of this mean??
    I already have exaushsted my doctor with ?'s about this & he's either keeping the truth from me or honestly doesn't know. I'm leaning on the keeping it from me because of several other factors I have added & done the math.
    So with the vit D shut down so has my testosterone levels so that is 2 major elements that can be linked to several major health issues & am hoping to get some of you here that have enough wisdom to just give me a few things "it COULD" be - I do not want you thinking I want your diagnosis because I know none of you can just throw somethings at me
    Thank you & what ever you throw at me will be appreciated...

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    Hey there. Not sure that I know the answers to your questions but I may be able to provide a little bit of help. I work for a neurologist and we frequently test Vit D levels, particularly in patients with Alzheimer's and MS as they tend to have low V3. What my boss recommends is 10,000 iu of LIQUID Vit D3. Around here (FL) the only place we've been able to find it is at health food stores. I believe it comes in different strengths. Apparently, just like B12, D3 isn't absorbed as well via pill form. My father was recently dx'd with AD and I bought him a bottle, it cost something like $30, but since he only needs ONE DROP per day, the bottle will last for a year.

    So I would recommend bumping your Vit D up to 10,000 iu, get thee to a health food store and get the drops. Make sure it is D3. You can either just drop it under your tongue or put it in a glass of juice or something. See if it helps. Cant hurt. Good luck.

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