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Lancoprazole 30MG
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    Default Lancoprazole 30MG

    After an endoscopy the Doctor prescribed Lansoprazole 30 mg twice a day for 4 weeks, then one a day there after.[ No antibotic ] Because of red spots all over the lining of my stomach. This 30 mg twice a day seems very excessive to me ??? The last Endoscopy 3 years ago the doctor prescribed an antibotic for 10 days AND ONE 30MG PREVACID A DAY because of bacteria infection in the stomach. Any suggestions?


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    If you just have an excessive amount of acid being produced in your stomach which would cause the redness and irritation to your stomach, then prevacid once or twice a day is normal. However, your doctor should have performed something called a urease breath test or some other test to determine if those red spots were being caused by a bacteria call H. pylori. If this is the case, then the appropriate treatment would be commonly 2 specific antibiotics and prevacid or prilosec to eradicate the bacteria and heal the lesions. I would double check if he found H pylori or not. That is very important in determining proper treatment.

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