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    Hi all, I am on methadone. My problem is there are no clinics in MS. so We hafto drive on hour to the clinics. or get it off the streets. But methadone has saved my life. I wish people could understand methadone.

    susan bledsoe

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    I understand methadone as I've been on it for the last 4 years and I've been an opiate addict for the last 26 years.I know you mean well but buying methadone off the street just helps support the very stigma that you talk about.Go to your clinic and don't give those bastards on the street your hard earned cash.Are you able to get carries yet????I'm in Ontario Canada so I'm not familiar with your health insurance down there.Are there any programs that can help you pay for the methadone or the gas that you use???I know what you mean when you say people just don't understand,we have the same problem here in Canada but not near as bad as it is in the states.Education is what it's all about.Whenever I see a negitive article in the paper I always write the journalist back explain why there are stigmas and that methadone when used properly is an effective drug in the recovery program.Alot of people think it's legal >>>>>> and it's not even close.Alot of people think we walk around stoned,I haven't been able to get high off of opiate for about 21 years now.The first 5 years of taking opiates was fun then I couldn't get the euphoric buzz any more and I was screwed.So make sure you educate people whenever you get the chance and don't support diversion of methadone because that's how people end up accidently dieing then we have to listen to all the negative publicity about methadone.Did you know that 90% of methadone deaths are because the person was 1)Taking methadone illegaly 2)They were taking either benzodiazepines (valium ect) or alcohol thereby dieing of respitory failure.Remember Anna Nicoles son dieing before x-mas.He died of respitory failure from methadone and 2 anti-depressants.And were did he get the methadone from........his own mother gave it to him and that's why she won't come back to the states and thats why she had her son buried in the carribean.Anyway I've yaked enough,remember to educate whenever you get the chance and watch the newspapers too.Good luck.......Dave

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