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Methadone coversion to Kadian
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    Default Methadone coversion to Kadian

    Can someone tell me where to look up of know what the proper coversion for changing medications from Methadone 70mg tid to Kadian 20mg. My initial change has been to reduce Methadone to 50mg tid with 20mg Kadian in the am and 40mg Kadian at bedtime. Other med chages were made at the same time Xanax reduced from 1mg tid to 1mg in the am and 1 mg in the pm. Last change was elmination of Roxycodone 30mg tid to MISR 3 or 4 per day as needed for breakthrough pain. Pain levels have bounced around from one extreem to the other and withdraw symtoms do occur intermittantly. My question is more about the proper conversion of the Methadone to Kadian and if that is the correct amount or not


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    Your methadone to morphine conversion is 4 to 1 so 70mgs tid turns to 280 mgs morphine tid.Why would you switch to a weaker drug????........Dave

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