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methadone and other pain killers
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    Default methadone and other pain killers

    I have never suffered an addition to any drug but my doctor currently has me on methadone 5mg 4 times a day as a pain killer and lorcet 750mg 6 time a day to help suplement the methadone as the effects begin begin to wear off. He is suggesting that we add 1/2 pill of the methadone to find a balance where the medication is meeting my pain requirments. I am wondering if that is the best course of action or should we go to a stronger pain killer than the lorcet as the interim drug?


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    If this is a chronic pain issue then I would use more methadone.20mgs is a small dose and I doubt the lorcet is working as it is quite weak.Usually when treating chronic pain the patient is stabilized on a long acting narcotic and a small amount of break through pain med is giving.The trick is to get the dose correct so you don't have break through pain.Also methadone will fill up your mu receptors making quick acting narcotics like percocet virtually useless.......Dave

    Finally my pain is under control!!!!!!!

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