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Methadone Re-Fills
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    Question Methadone Re-Fills

    Can I doctor put refills on Methadone prescription?

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    I don't think so, isn't methadone schedule II? I think you need a new prescription each time. Maybe a pharmacist can verify this.

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    Default Methadone refills

    Sounds like you wonder such a thing due to you being about to fill out a stolen prescription yourself. Don't do it. It's a federal crime and you'll get caught.

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    Quote Originally Posted by STi13 View Post
    Can I doctor put refills on Methadone prescription?
    Methadone is a class 2 medication..meaning it needs a new script written each time it gets filled. The script has to be written for the person/child taking the medication along with the specific amount and clear directions, for no more than one month and must be filled within a certain time period. NO refills. Hope this helps.

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    Blueberries is 100% correct. You must have hard copy each and everytime you get a filled re-filled script. there are strict laws regarding this type 2 medication. Also a pharmacist will not accept faxes either for this type or any other type of medication in its respected class. You need an ID each time you get this filled too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by STi13 View Post
    Can I doctor put refills on Methadone prescription?
    I do not think doctors can put refills on methadone prescription. In Canada, methadone doctors have to write the following things in prescription:

    1) Methadone dose
    2) Name of patient, health card number, DOB.
    3) Start and End date of prescription
    4) Daily witness by pharmacist or witness days & carries.
    5) Next Appointment date of patient with time (so that pharmacist can ask patient to go and see doctor on appointment date)
    6) Prescription has to be faxed directly to the pharmacy by the doctor. Patient cannot carry methadone prescription and bring to pharmacy.
    7) Doctor examines patient on the next appointment date and decides to increase/decrease or let the dose remain same.

    Hope this helps because I am handling methadone prescriptions.


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    Im a pharmacist so hopefully this information will answer your questions:

    All doctors can write a prescription for methadone which is prescribed in the same way as all other controlled drugs.

    Doctors must notify the Home Office Drugs Branch if they attend anyone who they believe to be addicted to >>>>>>, methadone or any one of a number of other drugs - even if they know that the patient has already been notified.

    The Home Office Drugs Inspectorate receive reports from Chemist Inspecting Officers about pharmacy controlled drugs registers.

    Chemist Inspecting Officers usually work as part of the drug squad and they may pass information about who has a methadone prescription to their colleagues.

    Clients taking large quantities of methadone abroad are required to apply for an export licence.

    The prescribing of controlled drugs is limited to members of the medical professions. The system of specially licensing doctors to prescribe certain drugs to addicts covers diamorphine (>>>>>>), cocaine and dipipanone (the analgesic ingredient of Diconal) but does not (and never has) extended to methadone.

    Registered medical practitioners can prescribe methadone as treatment for pain relief or treatment of addiction.

    The only exceptions to the above are doctors who have had their licence to prescribe controlled drugs revoked by the Home Secretary. Pharmacists can check whether or not a doctor has been prohibited from prescribing controlled drugs by telephoning the Home Office on:

    - Methadone is a Class A drug.

    The following strict requirements apply to prescriptions for methadone:

    The prescriber must sign and date the prescription (a date stamp is legal, a computer-generated date is not legal)
    The prescription must be written in indelible ink<
    Unless it is an NHS or a local health authority prescription it must have the prescriber's address on it (all prescriptions should have the prescriber's telephone number so the pharmacist can ring if there is a problem).
    Unless the prescriber has a handwriting exemption (see below) s/he must handwrite the following information on all methadone prescriptions:

    Name and address of the client
    Methadone dose, form and strength (e.g. methadone mixture DTF 1mg/mL)
    Total number of milligrams (or millilitres) of methadone or the number of doses prescribed, in both words and figures.
    If the prescription is to be dispensed in instalments the doctor must use the correct pad (see below) and specify:

    The total quantity prescribed, as above
    The amount to be supplied per instalment
    The intervals at which the instalments are to be dispensed (bearing in mind days when the pharmacy may be closed such as weekends and public holidays

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