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need help ASAP!!!
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    Default need help ASAP!!!

    I had a kidney stone over the summer, and the dr. gave me Propoxyphene, which is generic for Darvocet.
    I am on a MAOI, Imipram, I thought you couldn take darvocet if your on a MAOI (anit-depressant).

    Right now I am having really bad stomach pains, and I want to take a Darvocet, but I dont know if its ok to take one. I mean the dr. gave it to me, it SHOULD be fine, but I thought you cant take it if your on a MAIO-Imipram!

    So is it ok to take one?(darvocet)?
    someone plz answer this ASAP!!
    thanks a lot

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    How many ****in times are you going to ask this question.It's been asnwered for you......Dave

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    to mpvt . be gentle on charliejudge . he got every right to keep on asking the same question all the time like the rest of us . he is just scared like all of us . so give him some space . and maybe he wants just some different views on this subject .
    to charliejudge . keep on asking the same question if you want to . if you don't asked , you won't get . [8D]

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