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Need help reading
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    Default Need help reading

    I just got a prescription for Vyvanse from my doctor and under refills, there is nothing circled under from the options: NR, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. Does this mean there are unlimited prescriptions or do i need to go to my doctor again every time i need a refill.

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    Default Schedule II drugs and refills

    This drug is a powerful amphetamine and is classified as a schedule II drug. Schedule II drugs have the highest potential for abuse, misuse and diversion. Schedule II drugs a strictly controlled and this means that to get a refill you WILL have to go to your doc and get a written script each time you need a refill; no phoned in refills allowed. There are other rules and restrictions and you will likely be closely monitored as to how often you can get refills.

    Hope this answers your ??s.

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