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Need Prescription Help ASAP
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    Default Need Prescription Help ASAP

    My roommate has been taking a leftover prescription of Ciprofloxacin from a friend. She told me she couldn't afford to go to the doctor and is taking it for what appears to be bronchitis. I did some research on this drug, and it seems to be a very powerful antibiotic but I was unable to find anything stating that it would effectively treat this type of illness.

    My question is: Is this an effective treatment for something like bronchitis? Secondly, she has been taking it for 3 days (1 pill per day). If it is an effective treatment, is a 3 day course enough for that type of illness so she can stop taking them?

    I tried to ask her to stop taking them and go to the doctor, but she is convinced that if she has antibiotics already she can just take them.

    Any help/advice would be useful.

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    I'm not sure how long this medication is usually prescribed for, but if it is taken for a shorter period of time than the Doctor recommends, it can give her a superbug. The superbug will be immune to just about all anti-biotics and she'd be better off not taking any anti-biotics. Bronchitus is typically not a bacterial infection, it's usually a virus or the combination of a virus and bacterial infection.

    The only anti-biotic that I know of that requires less than a week of treatment is Z-Pack.

    She needs to go see a Doctor and not take the anti-biotics.

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    As you suggest, many types of antibiotics and selection is based on the suspected type of infection. Ciprofloxacin wouldn't be the choice for respiratory problems. In reality, the wrong medicine is no different to a wrong diagnosis. It's generally not advisable to give medicine to another person even with good intention as complications/interactions can occur. As mentioned, your friend should see a doctor.

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    hi friends,

    ASAP is Alcohol and Substance Abuse Program or an official program for prevention, identification, treatment and management of personnel with alcohol and drug problems.

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