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    Hi...could someone tell me the difference between OXYmorphone and HYDROmorphone? Are "..morphones" stronger than "..codones" as my dr. said?

    Began Opana ER 40mg bid 14days ago from Avinza 120mg tid. Avinza no longer doing the job and he said I have no where to go with the dose. Still having the sweating/being cold; inablility to sleep side effects...will it eventually stop? My dose isn't strong enough, so if/when it's increased, will the side effects also increase and last longer til I adjust to the dose?

    After the first 7 days and not sleeping AT ALL for 3 nites I finally called the dr. I explained all to the nurse; she didn't get it. She called back to say, stop the opana and start oxycontin. I told her I didn't want to have gone thru all this misery for nothing...I was willing to push thru; I just needed to be able to sleep. She said well you said you were sweating etc..if you want it to stop you have to stop the drug. I wasn't complaining; I was trying to tell her in a nutshell what transpired since beginning the opana.

    To top it off, this wasn't the prescribing doctor. This is a satellite office with rotating doctors and when I go in tomorrow I won't see the original doc. This does not fill me with confidence.

    If the opana is 'stronger' and will potentially work better, I want to keep trying. Or should I just give up?

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    I have no idea what you are asking. What does the "feeling" one experiences from percs have to do with suboxone? They aren't anything alike whatsoever. God bless.
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