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Peridex Mouth Rinse
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    Default Peridex Mouth Rinse

    This is further to my last posting requesting assistance due to the use of Peridex for 10 days before returning to work.
    I would only like to know if it is possible that, by using this solution and ingesting it on several occassion upon returning to work, is it possible to register a breath reading of .056%.
    This solution contains almost 12% alcohol and as I am a non drinker, could this have been the case.
    Once again, my circumstances are,,, I had all my teeth removed on May 29/07.
    I had stitches in my mouth and bleeding gums while using the Peridex solution.
    I also had to wear my tempory plates and used Seabond adhesive to keep them in place.
    I ingested Peridex approximately 6 times during the 10 days I was using it.
    I also ingested 15 mls. on the night before and morning of my breath test.
    Could someone please offer me some insight as to whether or not this could have caused an elevated breath reading?
    I anxiously await your educated response.

    Sincerely Brian D. Woods......

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    You shouldn't be ingesting Peridex. It does contain alcohol, but I wonder what kind of affect it will have on the digestive system and the normal, healthy microbiota of that system?

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