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Please help! I am overseas and running out of my medication!!!!!!! :(
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    Default Please help! I am overseas and running out of my medication!!!!!!! :(

    I would like some information as far as my problem with not bringing enough of the medication I take with me on my trip to Germany.

    I take the following medication for GAD, OCD, BDD, and a broken back:

    Paxil 80mg/day (2x40mg)
    Xanax 2mg (between 4-6mg/day)
    Norco 10/325mg (1 every four hours or as needed. Never more than 4/day)

    I have multiple refills on all of them ready for pick-up in the U.S., but as I said, I am in Germany right now and I am having to stay longer than I had anticipated. I called my pharmacy and the person who answered said to have a friend pick them up and simply ship them to me. That sounded a little wishy-washy. I called UPS and FedEx to make sure I'm not doing anything illegal and they said it's definitely possible, but both companies weren't really sure about the whole thing. One said to fill out certain forms. The other said that it had to go to a pharmacy.

    Does anyone KNOW how to best go about this? PLEASE HELP! This is not the time, nor place to run out of my medication.

    Thank you for listening.

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    I might try to get into an English speaking doctor there in Germany and see if he can give you soome sort of equivalent meds enough to last until you get done with your trip. I would bring all of your bottles and show him. I do know however that they do not use hydrocodone very much, if at all, in Europe, so you might have trouble getting you exact norco equivalent. Maybe he would be able to give you some other pain med though so you would not go into withrawals.

    I would like to ask, before you left did you not think about running out of your medication while you were on vacation or what? I do not mean to be harsh or anything, but I know that it seems like that would be a priority to make sure that I would have enough of all of my meds to make it through my vacation. You dont have to answer if you dont want to.

    Anyway I hope that find a way to get your meds refilled, I would try going to a doctor, because there is a chance that it could be illegal or something to do the shipping thing and I would not want to risk it. Make sure you post back with what happened at the end of this ordeal.

    Good luck,

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    Default Overnighting them

    I remember my boss wanted to send some vitamins to Taiwan....none of the shippers would let me send any type of medication....even vitamins.

    So...if you chose the overnight route....I would not list "medication" on the way bill or it may get stuck.

    I'm told that English is very common in Germany. Pretty much any doctor should have someone in their office who speaks it fluently -- I would try this route.


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    Remember that it takes a smaller amount of your meds to keep you out of withrawal than it does to actually treat your problem and be an effective dose, so if the doc is uncormfortable prescribing to you, he really does not have to prescribe the full amount of your prior prescription just to keep you out of withdrawals, or at least minimize them, he can prescribe a bit smaller dose each day and it should at least help, better than nothing. Just hope you get a sympathetic doc who doesnt think you are tryng to scam meds. I did hear that they prescribe benzos over there pretty easily, like the way we prescribe stimulants for ADD, that is how they prescribe benzos for anxiety/sleep disorders, so you might be in luck there. Opiates might be a little tougher, I think that pretty much no matter where you go in the western world they are reluctant to prescribe any opiates. You might be able to pick up some tylenol w/ codiene there OTC and that could help you some, though it would be very very minimal becasue the codiene in it is like 8mg only.

    Good luck!
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