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please i want solution for this problem
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    Default please i want solution for this problem

    hi doctors,
    i have a critical problem related to the drug interactions.
    ( I know that it is contraindicated that if someone has a history of depression to take sibutramine hydrochloride ). if this occur!!!! . what i can do to solve this problem . please i want an answer.
    Dr. Raouf

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    I must first ask are you taking medication(s) for treating the depression? If so the aren't you asking for trouble by requesting a medication that acts on the same neuro-receptors as your current medication? weight gain is a typical side effect of some depression medications. The best way to battle that gain is to increase your activity level. If diet and/ or exercise is not the answer then you need to see a weight loss specialist. If you are obese there are surgical options. I know you want someone to say it's ok to take it while on medication for depression, but it is not. Talk with your doctor to set a course of action. Do not think it will be quick nor easy just possible. Good luck

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    Default Drug intereactions

    UMM ok, so the only advice I can give you is "DO NOT TAKE THOSE TWO DRUGS TOGETHER" it says so very clearly. Do not even begin to take those
    drugs due to a strong reaction. Then you dont have to reconcile the

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