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Pro-Cons of Topomax for Migraines
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    Question Pro-Cons of Topomax for Migraines

    I was given Topomax for migraines and will start the initial dosage tonight at bedtime (25mgs) and with a target of (100mgs) by week 4.

    Any insight would be greatly appreciated.


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    Red face topamax dosage

    I am not a doctor but, i do have experience with topamax. Its been said that it will help to decrease the amount of migraines you will experience. I personally have not had the same results they tend to make you believe and i am not the only person by far that has not had the positive outcomes that are boasted about. Now, i did not take it for a short period of time by any means. i gave it 2 years and was up to a couple hundred milligrams a day when i was taken off of it so-I did give it a shot to be beneficial. I know many others personally that did not have good results either. My migraines continued and seemed to be more frequent and longer lasting while on the med. I also experienced many other side effects that i never had before beginning the topamax. i am no longer taking it-obviously, but only wish i could find a helpful migraine preventative. As you are well aware, life is turned upside down when dealing with migraine-chronic or otherwise. I dont want to scare you away from topamax, just want to inform you of what others have faced. just like any medication-it can work differently for everyone. No person is the same and no migraine is the same. so please just be cautious and pro-active in your treatment. keep headache diaries to track your progress daily and to stay one step ahead so you know how its working when your dose get increased. you and only you know your body and you just need to be completely involved in your treatment and decisions. the daily headache diaries will help you and your dr. to compare and track progress or problems. I wish you lots of luck and truly hope this med does wonders for you! just want to show you what can be possible! good luck to you and please keep me posted on your progress! Im not an expert but ive been where you are and know how difficult things can be! Sorry for writing the huge novel-just want to give you my experience. if you have any more questions please ask-please keep me posted. Good Luck!!!

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