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(from pt/caregiver): best way to sort out possib med interactions
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    Default (from pt/caregiver): best way to sort out possib med interactions


    Until recently, my 84 year old Mom was essentially robust-plus, then about 18 months ago had significant life-threatening issues after adverse reaction to generic BP (later subject of an FDA warning).

    All this to say, she's gone from a couple of the 'usual' meds to having to orchestrate a large number of them. She's intelligent but not used to dealing with this, plus her condition has meant low energy to deal with it.

    Her doctor has been wonderful in terms of sitting down with her but I am still concerned the new combination of meds may be contributing to her (new) problems with very low BP -- which is limiting and frustrating her -- and also sudden hair loss. (She's a good lookin' lady even at 84...and it's a morale issue.)

    I was thrilled to find this site and will be trying out Med Notes shortly.

    Can you'all suggest any other ways to approach this? For instance, I saw a list (I think on AARP) of geriatric pharmacists who consult--is that the way to go?

    And thank you in advance, from me and my Mom

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    If you look at the top of the page just under the SEARCH box you'll see the "drug interactions checker". You can maintain an ongoing list of her meds and add/subtract them as they change. Helps to keep up with all interactions as prescriptions change. Hope that helps. God bless.

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