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question about pain meds
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    Smile question about pain meds

    I have liver cirrhosis from taking the antidepressant (Serzone) which has killed a lot of people. I am stable from it right now. Anyway, I also have reumatoid arthrits and chronic headaches since brain surgery in 2002. My question is: Is there any opiods for pain that do not have acetamenophen in them and are inexpensive? I am disabled and divorced. I do not have much of an income at the present time (law suit pending) Opiods help the pain and they also give me energy for some reason. My liver will not tolerate the acetamenophen

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    A small dose of methadone would be fine as it is very cheap and very safe (when not abused).It will not harm any organs and they put people with Hep C on methadone so they don't damage their liver taking lousy percocet or vicoden...Good luck.....Dave

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    Default yes

    roxicodone 5mg. the same active ingredient as tylox or percocet, but no
    tylenol, it is immediate release. and inexpensive

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