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Question about Ultram
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    Question Question about Ultram

    I take Ultram 50 mg Flexeril 10 mg and Meloxicam 15 mg for arthritis but it is really bothering me today I dont take these pills everyday only when it acts up and wanted to know if it be ok to take 2 Ultram along with one flexeril and meloxicam? Any help would be appreciated.

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    Hello breezzy,

    Yes you can take 2x 50mg Ultram pills as you take the Flexeril and Meloxicam medications. It seems that you are starting to build a tolerance to your medication in which is common. You can take up to 2x 50mg Ultram pills up to 3x per day, but I would suggest that before you ever get to that point, to tell your doctor that your pain medications are becoming ineffective.

    Ultram is a pretty weak yet dangerous pain medication. It's narcotic-like, and it's still unknown if it's a true opioid medication - various research and studies conflict themselves with statements that it is an opioid medication while others claim that it's not.

    I would suggest that you take the extra 50mg Ultram pill ONLY on days that you need to. If you feel that you need to do this regularly, you may do it for a period of what I would recommend to be only 30 days and/or at least until you make an appointment with your doctor to inform them that you're building a tolerance to the pain medication/that the pain medication is no longer working as when you first started (better-phrased like this than you're building a tolerance).

    Once you start getting prescribed pain medications and narcotics, it's important that you familiarize yourself with them as well as your options. When I broke my back, I researched a lot about pain medications as well as tried many different ones with my doctor. I am both personally and professionally against narcotics with Tylenol in them, since the amount of pills you usually have to take usually exceeds the maximum dose of Tylenol you need in a day, leading to liver damage. THOUGH, when you begin to start on narcotic pain medications, you gradually increase the dosage through the year(s) so being put on a narcotic pain medication with Tylenol for the first time will be fine.

    I would assume that you will be most-likely upgraded from Ultram by your doctor to Hydrocodone with Tylenol, either that or Oxycodone with Tylenol. If you are given a prescription for Oxycodone then please familiarize yourself with pain medications. Hydrocodone is a bit stronger than Ultram but less stronger than Oxycodone. Oxycodone is much more addicting and more potent. I would suggest gradually bumping from Ultram to Hydrocodone and then should that ever become ineffective to have the option of Oxycodone or even Morphine Sulfate before Oxycodone as Morphine Sulfate is 1.5x less potent/effective than Oxycodone and about .5x stronger than Hydrocodone.

    Oxycodone is VERY effective, but I would suggest maybe giving Hydrocodone a shot if you're worried about getting addicted or dependent and/or going through withdrawal. It's always best to go up the ladder rather than being put on strong stuff right away. You may get sick, or too high, or even get hurt in the future and receiving medication in the ER that wont 'work for you due to tolerance.

    Well I hope that you answered your question. In a nutshell, YES it is safe to take 2x 50mg Ultram at the same time and with your other medication. They make up to 200mg Ultram pills. I would again only suggest doing this a couple of times and for a max period for up to a month and then talking to your doctor to change to a little bit stronger pain medication such as Hydrocodone with Tylenol. Also, I hope to not worry you by telling you this but you should know that Ultram is a potentially dangerous pain medication; many people report suffering from seizures with this medication, from mixing it with a over the counter medication or even not taking it for a couple of days (everybody is different, but this medication seems to interact with just about anything for everybody - it's extremely dangerous in this aspect).

    I've personally had a convulsion from Ultram which was the first every seizure-like episode that I ever had in my life and it scared me to death.

    NOTE: The information contained within this post is accurate. I am studying to become a medical professional, a CNP. You may always print this page out for your reference and for your doctor should you ever have any questions concerning your medication, etc, as this should address all of your concerns and in an appropriate and professional matter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by breezzy View Post
    I take Ultram 50 mg Flexeril 10 mg and Meloxicam 15 mg for arthritis but it is really bothering me today I dont take these pills everyday only when it acts up and wanted to know if it be ok to take 2 Ultram along with one flexeril and meloxicam? Any help would be appreciated.
    Dear Breezzy,

    There is a potential major interaction between the flexeril and the ultram, so I urge you to discuss this with your pharmacist and your doctor, to be sure. There is an elevated risk of seizures with both meds taken together.

    I suggest that you disregard the previous poster - as she's off on a tangent that is completely unconnected to your simple question. It would not be wise to increase your dose beyond what the DOCTOR instructs - and if you're taking not taking the ultram daily, then it's unlikely you'll build up a tolerance.

    The meloxicam is an NSAID drug that works best on arthritis, and that sound ideal for your situation. Always exercise caution - and it sounds, from your post, like you do. Ultram is a risky drug, as it has been found to be quite addictive with regular use. If you keep your use to a minimum, and skip days between using, you should be safe from that kind of dependency.

    Again, due to the seizure risk, just run this combination by the professionals - and get their input.

    God bless,

    You will know the truth - and only the truth can set you free.

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    Titty Puff - you're incorrect about Ultram maxing out at 200mg pills; they make 300mg Ultram pills because I took them for a while.
    Breezzy - I agree with ARTIST658 that you should check with your doctor before adjusting your dose for ANY of your medication. Also, you should make sure that your doctor knows about ALL medication you take so that he can accurately adjust your pain treatment plan.

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