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Questions about Pharmacy Tech education
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    Default Questions about Pharmacy Tech education

    I am doing some research on different options for pharmacy tech training, but I am not sure where to start. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions or could offer me help from their own insights.
    1. What programs are good and worth the money?
    2. Which school did you use?
    3. How long did it take?
    4. How much did it cost? And did you get what you paid for?
    5. Are online schools worth it?
    6. Did you have to do any type of internship/externship, and did the school help you find one?
    7. Did your degree help you get promotions, pay raises or career advancement?


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    Default CPhT

    I went to an accelerated programe at a biz school. I dont think it was worth the money but I did pass my CPhT test and I did get a job. I did not know one thing about pharmacy before I went to school. I think if you have some prior experience in pharm and have good work ethic you can pass your CPhT and learn all the things you need to by reading some books and taking some test's. Mosby's has a great PTCB exam book and also the books I used in school where by Mosby. The math can be hard if you havent done any in a long time. I had been out of school for over 20 years when I went back.

    They just now came out with online study for pharm tech. I payed about 18 grand and it took 15 months. I did 2 exterships at 6 weeks each, retail and clinical. I loved my program and my instructor and I learned alot! Compounding in our lab and doing all the calculations you would run into in a hospital or compounding pharmacy. Online might be harder than real classroom study. Doing it yourself would be the best way if you have the work ethic and someone to help with the math if your not a wizard.

    I was able to get a job that I like and the pay is not to bad considering im new. I was at my last career for 20 years so the pay is less but I like this job much better. If you are young this may be a good job to do while you become a pharmacist and if your older it may be better conditions than you have now. the pay is not great nor will you generally make more than 40 grand a year. There are however many roads to go down once you have the knowledge and experience.

    I like my new job and I am glad I became a tech.
    good luck!

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