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Quinine >>. Soma
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    Question Quinine >>. Soma

    I was prescribed 350 of Soma two years ago after a bad car accident. My doctor has recently switched me from the Soma to Quinine 260mg. Do these two drugs have the same effect?

    Also, I did research on Quinine, as I had never heard of it before. I found some disturbing side effects. I know they would not market or prescribe Quinine if it were a severly dangerous drug, or atleast I hope they wouldn't.

    I haven't taken any of the Quinine yet. I still have some Soma. I am just afraid it will not help me like the Soma did and actually relax me and also of some of the side effects I discovered.

    Any help with is great. I just need others opinions, because if it is a dangerous drug, I would like to know as much as I can when I discuss it with the doctor.


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    I know that quinine has long been used to prevent leg cramps, but I have not heard of it replacing soma. You need to talk with your doctor and have them explain why they want to switch your medication and why this medication. If you are not comfortable with the answers get a second opinion from a different doctor in another practice. In 2006 there was a FDA advisory about Quinine products and it use for what is called off label indications(what is approved for). You might want to look at the website and get some info there before talking with your doctor. Good luck.

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    Default Re: Quinine >>. Soma

    Quinine is more useful drugs over the soma. quinine is most effective the increase the weight , muscular pains, etc.

    i am not heard that the quinine is dangerous drugs when u use limit percentage.
    but you can advice your doctor to use the soma >> quinine.
    the most things is that what is better suitable for you......

    Sushil Kumar

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