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Red Flagged at pharmacy???
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    Default Red Flagged at pharmacy???

    Hi my dad was red flagged at pharmacy for hydrocodone. Does anyone know what this means and how they know. Do Pharmacies share a network, dr's...the dr knew about other dr's he was getting them from. Just his pcp and Oncologist and wasn't getting too many. I was wondering if this is true about red dot or just to scare him and get him to lay off. Just curious.

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    When I worked in retail pharmacy, we were able to put notes in patient's profiles. These notes were mostly about Dr hopping or to watch early refills for controls. There is no link between different pharmacies. But sometimes we would alert another store if we had refused to fill a rx. If someone is seeing an oncologist, I would make sure the pharmacist speaks with the oncologist about pain control. No one wants a pt with cancer suffer needlessly.

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