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refill at walgreens question...need answers soon please!!
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    Default refill at walgreens question...need answers soon please!!

    My doctor recently presribed me 60 hydrocodone/apap 5/325 mg with 2 refills. I'm getting ready to go on vacation with my family next week. I don't want them to know that I'm taking a narcotic pain reliever. They were prescribed on the 6th this month and I'll be taking my last two on the day that I leave for the beach. Will they let me get them a day early since I will be leaving and it's 2 day drive to where we are going. I don't think I can last 2 days in the car without something for my pain relief. I called Walgreens and they said that I could get them as early as the 3rd or 4th, but they didn't give me a definite answer. And also, could I wait until after midnight on the 4th, which would technically be the 5th and get them refilled then? Thanks for the help!

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    Your insurance company is the main one involved in filling the script early. Worse case scenario is your script can be refilled wherever you're going with it being hydrocodone.

    Call the insurance company yourself and explain. Don't wait until the last minute hoping to sneak by filling it after midnight. God bless.

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    Another thing to try is to let your Doctor know the situation when the script is written as they CAN write on them "early refill ok".

    And I DO think that midnight is technically the "next day".......although they arent happy, they HAVE to fill the script.

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    when I get my prescription filled for my scalp condition, i can get it up to three days early. It should be fine to get it one day early. Insurance will cover it. If for some reason they won't, ask the pharmacists to call the insurance company and ask for a vacation supply. YOu are allowed to do that twice a year. My insurance allows it.

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    My Insurance company lets you fill a script 3 days early and that is for ANY Prescription....Narcotics included.

    Almost ALL Insurances will let you fill on the 28th day. I would CALL your Insurance Co. , ask for someone in the Pharmacy Dept and ask them....I don't know ANY Insurance or Pharmacist that WON'T let you fill a day or 2 early.

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