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    Default refills

    I was prescribed 40 vicodins with 1 refill on 8-5-05 and was suppose to take 1 every 4-6 hours. I was in such pain that I took more than 1 at a time and now I am out of pills. I am wondering if the pharmacy will refill my prescription tommorow 8-8-05? Or do I have to wait a certin amount of days before I can get my refill?

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    I think you could make a phone call to the pharmacy to ask about that.

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    Start now; Keep your medical history 'squeaky clean' - or get it that way (YES 1 year is the road). Use the same doc and chemist as soon as you find the ones you are happy with. Do not doctor shop - once anyone (records exist - well the State keeps them were I live) see a single blemish, you are a person non-gratia or 'not worth' the risk as they say.

    Trust is eveything and you do not have the upperhand but you can win the right people over if you stick to the same people, never >>>> them (well not too much) and just tell them whatever the problem is - they are not going to 'report' you - if you used too many of xyz - just be calm and expain why without being melodramatic.

    If you need more - tell them you know you must be careful and tell them if it is OK to make an appointment in one week so they can monitor you. You want to get better but not let the medication loose it's effect - right? (Never say addicted.....) Talk about tolerance - they are smart - they now the business so you have to raise the game to their level. Ask for one weeks supply only, go back - good customers are welcome! Yes they are capitalists as well but if you are smart, you will get them to contain you - win/win! They will then give you more lattitude because they can see you are not reckless. In 12 months you will be on the legal max which is alot but go monthly and have set dates - appear very stable and reasponsable, if you run out then you have 1 or 2 chances to keep the trust going.

    Sometimes you have to tough it out , do not blow your good work - if your medical record is 'squeaky' only then can you can ask for the odd favour because you can say "hey, I am ill - I am bonafide, my record is AAA and I appreciate why people are so careful given the politics involved but since I am not party to all that, I want my medication - I want my human rights - I can not be subjected to the paranoia that exists in the system - my pain is real - go ahead search my records. (You know they will not see 5 doctors and 4 chemists - at worst you are a heavy user but under control and not oblivious to things - you have 1 doc and 1 chemist - your a model customer.

    You have made some important friends - be nice - be persistant and make sure you talk to the boss - only they can pull favours for you - no one else can. But never argue or seem desperate - that sends bad vibes.

    Remember, the top schedule medications are demonised and your up against 50 years of history and the system - you can't beat it but you can flow with it. Docs and chemists loose their licences if they give out medication without all proceedure being perfect - your never worth it no matter how much they sympathise.

    The net will let you learn everything you need about medications, the simi;ar ones - what to say, what not to say, the limits etc - I know - I did it and get the legal max for a very controlled item - but I decided to get there as they say - but the key was to go to a psychatrist - it's so nebulous everything applies and they handle cases we can't imagine. they are used to heavy politics and the system fears 'psychiatric' patients - You, I and the doc and chemist know your not mad but that's not the point. You quote a Psychiatrist as your doctor - no one will ask you another question.

    As I joke "I am mad - I can't remember - I lost that week - but I am under care" - Life has not been kind to me but it could be worse - who will argue with that?

    If someone brings up addiction - you refer to 'reliance and needing your medication' just like a diabetic or a ms patient - they are reliant on medication - but who would dare deny them? Your ailemt is what it is and your not happy about it - right?

    The world is 'addicted' to not suffering - you are not addicted to any high (plu-eze!), you just want to feel normal and not live in excrusiating pain - excuse people for their ignorance but do not let them say your an addict. Relant on not being in pain - it's 2005 and pain is an unnecesary thing i say.

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    You need to phone your doctor and get him to ok release of the repeat.The pharmacy will refill it when the prescription is supposed to run out......Dave

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