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ruminated thinking
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    I have been diagnosed with depression and anxiety. But worst than feeling depressed or anxious is my "musical ruminated thinking"... I wake up with a tune or a song in my mind and cant seem to be able to get it out of my mind... Is like having a broken record in my head... is not even a song or music I like! It is affecting my ability to concentrate and my perception of quality of life. A Psychiatrist told me that this is the way my anxiety manifests. But no one has been able to recommend or prescribe a medication that would take care of this. A bipolar friend told me than an antipsychotic medication, in low dosages can help. I'm desperate for some relief. Anyone has a better explanation or suggestion? Thanks!

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    Hi Kaliko
    My son is bipolar, so I know all about repetitive thinking.
    Anthony Robbins has a great mind trick for that.
    If you are interested let me know, Its kind of long to post if your not.
    Try and stay away from the benzo's (anti psychotic ) they really mest up my son, He had a very hard time getting off of them.
    There are really some good books on anxiety,They help allot more than any pills do.
    Hang in there...

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