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switching over to subutex
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    Lightbulb switching over to subutex

    I have major back problems and have been on ms contin 60mg 4 times a day and oxycodone for breakthrough for about 16 months. I have been working on strenthening my back through phsy therapy and exercise. I would love to get off of these drugs but I am looking for an easiest most comfortable way to do this. Do I have to gradually ween down mgs or can I just switch over to the subutex
    I am just looking for information and only follow my Drs orders of course
    thanx 3 discs

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    You have to be in withdrawal first before taking Buprenorphine, you wouldn't have to taper down, but go without opioids for a day or two first.

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    I agree with what Catsmeow said,and on top of that dont just try going to the sub. Dr. and say "I want subutex" First you cant order your Dr. around,and second he/she will think that you're an IV user and then there is NO WAY you're getting subutex...Either way you will end up in suboxone..Good luck and let us know how you're doing..Doesnt matter suboxone is the same as subutex except that that you cant cook-n-shoot it...

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