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urine tests, what do they test for?
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    Default urine tests, what do they test for?

    does anyone know exactly what the fancy urine tests test for{the ones that are done at the hospital, and the send the urine out for results.also,how long would a med stay in the urine to be tested?

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    That depends on what the drug is and how much you've taken and wether or not you take it regularily ect.To many factors to consider.The test will show any drug that is in your system.Anything you have taken with in the last 5 days will almost definately be there.After 2 weeks most drugs are gone except for some like bezodiazepines.They are well known to stick around for up to 6 weeks.Good luck.....Dave

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    Marijuana stays in the system up to three months. Urine tests have been around much longer then drug tests, I know they use to test for the presence of blood, acid/alkalinity, sugars even pregnancy tests are done by urine, and I don't know what else.
    Many urine drug tests only look for illicit drugs while others test for everything, it depends on what they pay for.

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