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When is it okay to fill a CII adderall prescription?
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    Default When is it okay to fill a CII adderall prescription?

    Hi, as a pharmacist in training and applying to CVS to work, I was wondering when it is okay to fill CII substances such as adderall? If the individual has a written prescription for two days in advance and wants to fill it two days early, am I able to fill it for them as long as their insurance will cover it?

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    What does your state law say?
    I have never heard the term pharmacist in training.

    Is that your internship ?
    Your clinical?
    Or are you being precepted?

    I think each state might have a protocol for that or I would check the federal law
    Because it is under the FDA.

    I would definitely think it is ok to fill whatever the hard copy date is .
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