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Where can I find desoxyn??
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    Default Where can I find desoxyn??

    I am needing to change my ADD meds since I cannot tolerate adderall anymore. My insurance covers generic desoxyn but Walgreens doesn't carry it. Does anyone know where I can find it? I realize pharmacies vary from state to ste...I'm curious about major chains...not mom and pop places.

    Thanks In advance,

    Dana in Texas

    Dana in Texas

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    Hi Dana: Sorry about being so long in replying to your post, but I just read it today. I wanted to let you know something about your medication. Just because Walgreens or any other pharmacy doesn't carry it, that doesn't mean they can't order it for you. My pharmacy was carrying both Methadone and Methadose. I told them I would not accept another prescription filled with meds made by Mallinckrodt, as I consider their products inferior. I told them when I come in with my Methadone script (I get 540, 10 mg tabs per month) I want it filled with only Methadone by Roxanne Labs. Because of this, they keep 1,000 Methadone tabs on the shelf at all times so they can accomodate me and any other script that comes in for Methadone.

    So it can be done. Just request from the Head Pharmacist (who normally does the ordering) you would like them to order you medication for you and you would only use them for filling. It should work for you and you can get the meds you need.

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